Spotted Fish or Fish with one or more 'spots'

A variety of species either have permanent spots on there bodies only have spots during a certain maturation stage of life. One good example is the stoplight parrotfish. Once mature the white, black and red body spots completely disappear.

4 Eye Butterflyfish

Four-Eye Butterflyfish

(8 photos)

Stoplight Parrotfish Intermediate

(24 photos)
Spotted Goatfish - Pseudupeneus maculatis

Spotted Goatfish

(10 photos)
Graysby - Cephalopholis cruentatus


(12 photos)
Chub - Kyphosus sectatrix/incisor


(12 photos)
Yellowfin Mojarra - Gerres cinereus

Yellowfin Mojarra

(6 photos)
Greater Soapfish - Rypticus saponaceus

Greater Soapfish

(8 photos)
Silver Porgy -  Diplodus argenteus

Silver Porgy

(5 photos)
Banded Butterflyfish - Chaetodon striatus

Banded Butterflyfish-Juvenile

(9 photos)
Red Hind - Epinephelus guttatus

Red Hind

(12 photos)
Rock Hind - Epinephelus adscensionis

Rock Hind

(8 photos)
Butter Hamlet - Hypoplectrus unicolor

Butter Hamlet

(5 photos)
Sailors Choice - Haemulon parra

Sailors Choice

(9 photos)
Mutton Snapper - Lutjanus analis

Mutton Snapper

(12 photos)
Harlequin Bass - Serranus tigrinus

Harlequin Bass

(3 photos)
Coney - Cephalopholis fulva

Coney-Dark Phase

(17 photos)
Dusky Damselfish - Stegastes adustus

Dusky Damselfish - Juvenile

(8 photos)
Lane Snapper - Lutjanus synagris

Lane Snapper - Juvenile

(6 photos)
Mutton Hamlet - Alphestes afer

Mutton Hamlet

(5 photos)
Yellowtail Damselfish - Juvenile Microspathodon chrysurus

Jewelfish - Juvenile YT Damselfish

( see next)
Yellowtail Damselfish - Microspathodon chrysurus

Yellowtail Damselfish

(12 photos)
Tobaccofish - Serranus tabacarius


(4 photos)

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