A variety of species are blue in color, but not at all times in their lives. An example is the Blue Tang. Tthey are blue (or dark brown as adults) but are bright yellow as juveniles. The breeding adult male Queen Parrot fish is the only blue phase of the Queen Parrotfish. Click on the pictures and see the other color phases of these blue fish.

Blue Tang

(8 photos)

Blue Chromis (also Brown)

(7 photos)

Queen Parrotfish

(11 photos)

Redband Parrotfish - Terminal

(15 photos)

Redband Parrotfish-Initial

(see previous)

Stripped Parrotfish -Terminal

(14 photos)

Ocean Surgeonfish

(12 photos)


(9 photos)

Redfin/Yellowtail Parrotfish-Terminal

(21 photos)
Blue Parrotfish

Blue Parrotfish


Rainbow Parrotfish

(14 photos)

Stoplight Parrotfish

(24 photos)

Bluehead Wrasse

(12 photos)

Princess  Parrotfish

(3 photos)
Redtail Parrotfish

Redtail Parrotfish

(0 photos)

Creole Wrasse

(5 photos)

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