01/01/2014 Added new pictures to Lemon Shark Page
                      Added new pictures of Coney, different color phase
                      Added new pictures in my photography portfolio- City, sunsets and coasts.
12/30 Removed 1 lionfish from Hanson Bay
12/27 Removed 2 lionfish from Klein Bay
12/23 Removed 2 lionfish from Borck Creek and 2 from Little Lameshur Bay
12/22 Removed 4 Lionfish from Princess Bay today. Today was the first time I ever saw the orange colored Mangrove tunicate s at Princess Bay.
12/20/13 Added ICUN Information on the turtles page.
12/19/13 Added NEW page for Cyanobacteria and Marine Lichens
12/18/13 Added New Species Bigeye Scad
12/15/14 Added New Species - Flattened Helmet Comb Jelly
                 Added New Species - Winged Comb Jelly
                 Added New Species- Unknown Anemone
12/10/13 Added a new Photography Page - Out and about St. John -city, sunsets and shores
The seas have been quite choppy and the weather rainy. Although I've been out several times, the conditions have been horrible for picture taking.
I have instead been removing lionfish- three in Fish and one at Francis.
11/513 Added new picture of Spinyhead Blenny
              Added additional unknown sponge
              Added new picture of Haliclona (Reniera) manglaris  (Creeping Sponge)
11/4/13 Added NEW SPECIES - Club Hydromedusa
10/21 Added NEW SPECIES Doughnut Sea Rod
10/8-20 Added new sponges.
               Added New Species Green Sea Turtle
10/7/13 Added NEW SPECIES Niphates erecta Sponge #4 Other Sponges
               Added NEW SPECIES Dysidea etheria Sponge #1 Other Sponges
               Added several other unidentified sponges on the Other Sponges page
10/5/13 Added NEW SPECIES Caesar Grunt
               Added new picture Beaugregory
               Added new picture Dusky Damselfish
              Added new picture Corky Sea Finger
               Added new pictures Giant Brain Coral
               Added new SPECIES page Octopus Sponge
9/30 Added new Species page for Christmas Tree Hydroid.
            Added Spotted Scorpionfish to 'Things that Sting' page.
             Added pictures of Baby Porcupinefish. Cute!
            Added picture of NEW Species Black Grouper-Juvenile ("Dark Fish" page, bottom of page)
              Added new picture - Queen Angelfish
             Added new picture Elkhorn Coral
9/26 Added new photo to West Indian Starsnail
9/22/13 Added new photos of Barfin Blenny.
New!  juvenile Coney pictures .
           Added Lane Snapper, Spotted Goatfish and Sailor's Choice to the Silver fish page, now called Silver
or White fish.

9/19/13 Added a picture of a juvenile Yellowhead Wrasse
9/18/13 Continue working on scientific names additions. Added new pictures of True Tulip Snail.
9/17/13 Working on the addition of the scientific names to the species pages and all the pictures. I've also been working on editing new photos for art prints. Prints are on sale now at Best of Both Worlds art store and gallery in  Mongoose Junction in Cruz  Bay.
9/11/13 Added new pictures Seaweed Blenny, Spanish Hogfish.
9/8/13 The rainy weather has kept me out of the water and at the computer catching up on editing, classifying and posting. I'm about half caught up. I discovered that I had a couple sponges misidentified. Sponges can be difficult. Some of the sponges don't seem to have common names, so I give them one. If I find out differently, I'll make changes.
              Added new pictures Spanish Grunt
               Re-identified and added Giant Barrel Sponge page
               Added new Picture Honeycomb Cowfish
               Added new page Brain Sponge - similar to the Convoluted Barrel Sponge.
9/7/13 Added new page for Batwing Coral Crab
             Added new photos for Blue Crab
              Added new SPECIES page - Yellow Pencil Coral
              Added new Coney pictures
             Added new page for Secretary Blenny
              Added a couple nice male Rosy Blenny pictures
              Added a couple Pink Vase Sponge pictures
             Added new pictures for Pearl Blenny
            Added new pictures for Orange Fire Worm
8/31/13 Retitled all fish species' page for better Google results
8/26/13 Spent the last 10 days finishing scientific names for most species. Also finished adding the common
names and scientific names to all the pictures (4,000 or so)
8/25/13 Added new pictures of Yellow Snapper, Schoolmaster, Sharpnose Pufferfish, Orange Icing Sponge
8/24/13 Snorkeled Trunk Bay. East side of Cay I found numerous large brain coral colonies being killed by the Black Band Disease.  I keep seeing more and more of it.
8/19/13  Added new page and pictures for Venus Sea Fan
8/18/13 Added NEW SPECIES- Dead man's Fingers -Green Algae
8/17/13  Began adding ICNU information on threatened and endangered species.
8/15/13 Added Search this Site Tab
            Added New Diseases Page
            Added NEW SPECIES: Convoluted Barrel Sponge
8/13/13 Added NEW SPECIES: Wide Mesh Sea Fan
8/3/13 Continued adding scientific names and descriptions to species. Initial editing of 500 pictures.
7/29-8/2 continued adding scientific names and descriptions to species.
7/28/13 Added new photos of Harlequin Pipefish.  
7/26/13 Added NEW SPECIES: Disk Corals
7/24/13 Checked hyperlinks and repaired unconnected ones.
             Added new species Honeycomb Plate Coral (?)
7/23/13 Added New pictures Decorator Crab, Inshore Lizardfish
             Added NEW SPECIES pages Elongated Sea Pearl and Sea Pearl
7/22/13 Added NEW SPECIES page. Mermaid's Fan
7/20/13 Added NEW SPECIES pages. Burgundy Crust Alga, Crustose Coralline Algae
7/19/13  Added NEW SPECIE page: Orange Veined Encrusting Sponge
            Added more scientific names,
New photo for Yellow Fanworm.
Today at Princess Bay I noticed a great many new mangrove roots have taken hold and starting to grow along the east shore. I also noticed the bryozoans seem to be getting out of control. Mangrove roots are being taken over by massive amounts of bryozoans, overgrowing the sponges, tree oysters, tube worms, tunicate s and other organisms that make the mangrove roots a diversified community. They are also covering up many of the new mangrove roots and preventing their green shoots from emerging. While I noticed many stony corals continue to show edges dying off and coral mound shrinking, others seem to be doing well. Good News... no lionfish were spotted.

Some people love the white sandy beaches.
The ones to stroll along and leave your footprints behind.
The ones that barely make the sound of a whisper
As calm waves retreat from shore.

White sandy beaches and sandy sea floor
Where barely a blade of seagrass grows.

Give me instead a rugged, rocky shore,
Where colorful cobblestone and ancient coral bits,

Make the wondrous sound of clickity-clickity-clickity
As the waves retreat from shore.

Where tide pools reveal underwater mysteries,
And rocky crags provide footholds for flora and fauna alike.

Let me climb the rocks and ledges, exploring along the way,
Then listen to the surf, come crashing broken shores.

Barb Crites-

7/16/13 Added NEW SPECIES: Gaudy Clown Crab

7/13 and 7/14 snorkeled at Maho and at Frank Bay. Classified and tagged about 400 pictures.
7/12/13 Added more scientific names. Updated Pearl Blenny, Padded Clingfish, Peacock Flounder, Palometa  (also known as Great Pompano).
Added pics for Orange Cup Coral and Painted tunicate
7/11/13 Added more scientific names.
         Added new pics for Mustard Hill Coral, Night Sergeant, Nimble Spray Crab, Orange Claw Hermit Crab.
7/10 New pics for Mahogany Snapper, Boulder Star Coral, added more scientific names.
7/9/13 Added scientific name to the Magnificent Feather Duster Worm AND New pictures.
7/8/13 Added NEW SPECIES Overgrowing Mat tunicate
             Added new pics  Brittle Stars 
7/6/13; Added NEW SPECIES - Moon Jellyfish.  Added the species to the 'Things that Sting' page.
           Added: Pics to Orangespotted Filefish, Diseases (Black Band),
tallied time in the water: 577.75 hours, Pictures taken 41,264 since 7/3/2010.
             Added Scientific name to the Purple Lobed Tube Sponge.
            Reviewed 316 pics taken today.
7/5/13: Added NEW SPECIES- Warty Seacat
New Pics-Pipefish, Yellowtail Damselfish, Inshore Lizardfish
7/2/2013- Today I'm starting this web site blog-log. This endeavor is so people who want to catch up on what I've been adding to the site can refer to this log. Today I added another set of photos to document the progress of a Fused Staghorn Coral colony's regeneration after being damaged by Hurricane Earl in 2010. 
7/1/13 Split the page of small fish into 3 categories. Now Blennies and Gobies have their own pages and the other species remain on the small fish page.
           Added: NEW SPECIES unknown Sea Cucumber page.
          Added: new pic Coney .
          Added: NEW SPECIES unknown Brittle Star
           Added: new pic Coral Encrusting Sponge.
           Added: NEW SPECIES- Netted Flatworm
          Updated web site species photo count.
          6/29/13 Worked on adding additional scientific names to species.
          6/29/13 Added a NEW SPECIES of Tube Blenny, the Spinyhead Blenny page
         6/25/13  Added NEW SPECIES - Basket Star.
          6/11/13 Gave the Reticulated Brittle Star and the Banded Arm Brittle Star their own pages
          5/12/2012 First sighting of Black Band Disease.
         3/3/2012 First sighting of small cluster of Tan Fan Bryozoans in Borek Creek, by 6/8/13 they had spread to cover most everything for about 
         100 feet of shoreline.
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